Win32 CapiThread DLL

CapiThread is Win32 DLL for CAPI voice transmission, that provides real time features. There are many CAPI products on the market (See Phoner Links), but most have the problem, that the transmission is dependent of user program's timing.

CapiThread encapsulates all CAPI operations in own threads, so the user program can do whatever operation it wants without disturbing the CAPI transmission.

Furthermore CapiThread gives the possibility to crossconnect ISDN lines to achieve real time voice transmisson.

Key features:
Steel Ball Indication/Request/Response communication with user program
Steel Ball Time independant operation with own threads
Steel Ball Multiple connections at the same time
Steel Ball Voice file transmit and receive
Steel Ball Data cross transmission between multiple lines
Steel Ball Own DTMF detetion
Steel Ball Example Program for testing

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